My name is Lavara and I’m a professional wedding photographer with a smile. I’ll photograph your wedding with passion, creativity and skill. We’ll work together to capture a moment that will be treasured for a lifetime, and the process will be fun.

I love weddings and have used them as a creative outlet for more than five years. My wedding photography style is directive so you’ll get a bunch of friendly instructions thrown your way, which ensures you don’t get run of the mill boring images. If this isn’t what you’re used to, let’s do an engagement photography shoot first to give you that confidence that will produce those wedding shots to ‘Wow’ friends and family.

I’m based on the North Shore with my amazing husband, and cover shoots in the greater Auckland area, or further afield if you twist my arm.

I look forward to having a chat with you to understand what it is you really want out of your photos. Give me a call – 020 100 1000.

Lavara the wedding photographer